Chefmaster August offers

Excess stock on selected bin liners & bags

Receive 50% off on:

  • 78 Ltr Chefmaster Draw String Bin Liner (900×800, 25um)
  • 240 Ltr Economy Blue Bin Liner (1450×700+440 Flat, 22um)
  • Natural 100L Bin Liner (1200x580x400,30um)
  • Medium Vet Bags (1200×700, 100um), Flat pack

Rosche dispenser promotion

Contact your account manager to see how you could receive a free dispenser for your Rosche products.

Dispensers include:

  • Rosche Wet Wipe Dispenser
  • Rosche Large N-Fold Dispenser
  • Rosche Table Top Napkin Dispenser
  • Rosche Foam Soap Dispenser
  • Rosche Bulk Reserve Liquid Soap Dispenser

Visper Magic Sponge

The super cleaning power of the Visper Magic has to be seen to be believed.

Coming in a convenient twin pack (cartons also available), the Visper Magic blocks rub out most marks, including permanent marker, crayon, soap scum, scuff marks, built up grime and grease.

Ask your account manager on how you can get a free sample of the Visper Magic Sponge

RCR Gloves

Purchase one carton and receive a bonus from us!

The RCR Stretch Blues are medical grade vinyl, powder free, HACCP approved gloves (100 per inner, 10 inner per carton).

Sizes available are:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

Purchase any carton of the RCR Stretch Blues and receive a free inner of either the

Interlox 100% cotton gloves

(12 x pairs, medium or large available)


Inner chemoprene Examination gloves

(1 x inner of 100, large or extra large available)

August 2019 Offer
To place an order contact your account manager or alternatively call 1300 CHEFMASTER (1300 243 362) or email info@chefmaster.com.au.