Food Packaging Australia (FPA)

Food Packaging Australia (FPA) is a widely respected provider of disposable food packaging. Envirochoice and Capri are two proprietary brands that FPA own with each brand catering to different needs in the market and allows FPA to satisfy a wide spectrum of customers.


Envirochoice presents a range of compostable, biodegradable and recycled packaging, demonstrating Envirochoice’s commitment to preserving the environment and the future of our planet. They work closely with suppliers to develop a range of packaging that can help keep the environment safe for years.


Capri is commonly found in food service areas for catering, food preparation and food/drink service. The brand also extends its range to washroom products to conveniently provide a one top shop for your consumables.

The Capri brand is owned by FPA, which gives us control over the product’s reliability and expertise in answering your every question regarding the products.

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