Colour Coding Guides

Colour Coding Guides

You wouldn’t want to eat at a restaurant and have the table wiped down with the same cloth that has just cleaned the restroom and toilet. Gross, I hear you say!

To avoid cross contamination and to reduce infection and bacteria control a universal colour code has been adopted by many businesses. The colour codes apply to cleaning tools including mops, brushes and cloths and cleaning solutions.

Colour coding provides an organised system to reduce the risks of cross contamination and achieve high levels of hygiene practices within your organisation.

Generally speaking the follow colour codes can be applied:

  • BLUE – General cleaning
  • GREEN – Food service and preparation areas
  • RED – Toilets, bathrooms and utility rooms
  • WHITE – Operating theatres
  • YELLOW – Infectious Areas


A Colour Coding Guide


*NOTE: The above information is a general guide only. Always follow your workplace's health and safety policies and procedures.